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The Various Kinds of Claims You Can Make for Property Damage

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Cars are a convenient means of transport for those who own them. However, the risk of accidents, carjacking, and theft can make you incur significant loses. Thankfully, insurance firms have made car insurance policies a priority over the years, with many policy options to help you choose the right cover for your car. In this way, the insurance firms help you mitigate the losses you incur in case of incidences such as car accidents or carjacking. One way they do this is by offering policies where you can claim for property damage to help you cater for the additional expenses you incur in case of accidents and loss-related incidences. Here are some of the damages you can collect if you have an insurance policy providing claims for property damage:

Damages for Personal Property

When driving around, you might be carrying some valuable items in the car such as personal computers or a bicycle on a carrier. Some of the items you are carrying may be worth a lot of money, meaning that a damage compensation plan in your insurance plan helps you mitigate the loss. If you have the purchase receipts, you should present them to your insurer to help them calculate the amount of money that you should be compensated for the damaged property. If they are unavailable, the insurers have methods they use to establish the value of the damaged property to estimate the compensation that you should receive.

Car Rental Fees

After an accident, your car may be in need of repairs. It can take a few days to get it up and running again, although that does not mean that your plans and daily activities will have to stall. Renting a car while yours undergoes repair will ensure that you can go about your activities without the limitations that come with using public means of transport. You can pick the kids from school, do some shopping, and do a few more errands just like you normally would when your car is fine. With a property damage claim for car's insurance plan, the insurer considers the cost of renting an alternative car as a cost directly related to the damage to your car. Therefore, you will claim compensation for the money you have spent renting another car.

Out-of-Pocket Expenditures

Accidents happen anywhere. This forces you to cater for some out-of-the-pocket expenditures to reach a repair centre or get home. For instance, you have to pay the person your car from the scene of the accident. It is important to get service providers who issue official receipts for such services when you hire them. When making your property damage claim, the receipts will serve as the required documentation for motor vehicle accident claims.