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4 Common Types of Lawyers

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A lawyer is an individual practising law. Lawyers use abstract law theories as well as knowledge to solve your legal problems. The duty of each lawyer is specific to their legal jurisdiction. Therefore, you should settle for a lawyer who can tackle your legal problem appropriately. Do your homework on their experience and certification before making your decision. Here are common types of lawyers.

1. Public interest lawyers

A public interest lawyer focuses on helping society. He or she will do this by representing clients in court who have no money to hire a lawyer. They are also a part of the team that drafts and promotes legislation to reform legal processes. Most non-profit organization and governmental agencies hire public interest lawyers.

2. Traffic offence lawyer

A traffic offence lawyer focuses on laws involving driving. He or she will solve issues such as unlicensed driving, drunk driving, speeding and reckless driving. A traffic offence attorney works to lower any penalties, negotiates options or dismisses the charges altogether. Ensure you speak to the lawyer regarding his or her fees and weigh if it is worth hiring his or her service. Moreover, ask yourself if your car insurance will increase before hiring a lawyer.

3. Domestic violence lawyer

Domestic violence is a horrible thing that no one should have to be the victim of. A domestic violence lawyer will assist domestic violence victims by using their knowledge to advise them on what to do. This lawyer also discerns the reality of a domestic violence situation. He or she will obtain a restraining order preventing the culprit from contacting the victim or going too close to them. Domestic violence victims incur expenses for medical treatment and may be unable to work. The domestic violence attorney will file a lawsuit to recover such costs and help the victim receive payment for the pain he or she has gone through.

4. Personal injury lawyers

If you suffer injuries from something like a vehicle accident, you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney. These lawyers work on getting compensation for damages from injuries that other entities may cause.

There are many lawyers on the market. When searching for legal aid, always opt for a lawyer with experience in the specific niche of law that you are facing. Make sure that your lawyer has the licence to practice law. Furthermore, maintain excellent and honest communication to help your case be successful.