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Even Families Need To Seek Legal Counsel

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Even the smallest unit in society is under law. As much as you may want to solve all issues that arise in your family at a personal level, there comes a time when legal action must be taken and sought by all means. Many resolve to look for a family lawyer as the last option, only to discover that it may be too little too late. Perhaps if families knew the importance of having family lawyers then conflict resolutions would not be as dramatic as they are today. The question is, when should a family seek legal counsel? Below are common family matters which require professional legal advisers, that is, family lawyers.


Yes, believe it or not even this intimate union is under law. Probably you are newly wedded and trying to find out whether your medical cover also includes your spouse or maybe you just got engaged and have no clue how prenuptial arrangements work.  Family lawyers should be sought from the onset as their role goes beyond your honeymoon phase to giving legal advice on state laws and procedures regarding name changes after marriage, prenuptial agreements, marriage rights and benefits, marriage license requirements etc.


No one wishes to get married then later separate from the love of their life. But just like any relationship, a fairy tale union can go sour. There is no such thing as going through an easy divorce as it is always an emotionally draining process with long-term legal effects. Getting a family lawyer will help you to choose a suitable legal method of separation, guide you on where and how to file it as well as advice you on how you should divide the property. However, if you already had in place prenuptial arrangements then the latter should not be time consuming.

Child custody and support 

Whether you are seeking for joint custody, physical or legal custody, you need to understand and decide what is best for your child after divorce or separation. In many cases, it is difficult to reach a consensus on child custody and support hence legal advice and action is indispensable.

Family Property disputes

When family disputes are not handled properly, the rifts created can be very devastating and seem eternal, especially when it comes to sharing family property in the event of death or separation. A family lawyer will guide you through the procedures involved in transferring ownership of family property, sharing of tenancy over family real estate as well as writing of your will to avoid unprecedented animosity amongst your children when you pass away.

Surrogacy and Reproduction rights

There are several legal and ethical issues that surround surrogacy and reproduction rights. If a couple that is unable to conceive opts for surrogacy, it is important to have a family lawyer who will take you through the requisite rules and procedures therein thus enable you to make an informed decision. Cases regarding surrogacy and reproduction rights are usually ruled on the basis of their particularities.

Parental rights and liability

All parents have rights and responsibilities are governed under law. There are cases where parental rights have been terminated due to negligence and abuse. Seeking legal advice to take you through the long paperwork and procedures on matters related to parental rights and liability should always be a priority.

Foster care and adoption

Whether you are a foster child or foster parent, you need to get a good family lawyer to provide you with information about your legal rights and responsibilities. This is because the foster care process is quite tedious, complex and varies depending on the state you live in.