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Tips on Responding to a Personal Injury Settlement Offer

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If you were recently involved in a vehicle accident, you might have filed a claim due to the injuries you sustained. If the settlement offer from the insurance company was less than what you hoped for, you have the opportunity to respond to it with a counter-offer. Here are some tips for responding to a personal injury settlement offer.

Take Time to Go Over the Offer

Before you rush into sending back a letter or trying to appeal the settlement sent to you, you first need to really look at the offer and what information is included. It is possible that the insurance company or other party has included information about why they gave you that offer, such as denying whose fault the vehicle accident was or needing more solid evidence of your injuries. This can help you because you know what is needed when responding to the letter. During this time, it is also highly recommended that you get help from a personal injury attorney.

Gather Documents and Details

The next step is to gather all the information you need when showing why you deserve more than what the offer included. This will include showing what types of damages you are suing for, including physical and emotional injuries. If you were side-swiped, you might be experiencing severe neck pain that requires regular chiropractic care, and have paid for the ambulance ride to the hospital, and a large stack of medical bills. If the injuries have kept you from work, which resulted in lost income, gather evidence of that as well. Get together receipts and doctor's notes. If the accident caused emotional trauma, that information is also valuable.

Make the Counter Offer

With this information gathered and copies made, you can then make a counter offer and include it with your response. The lawyer can help you put the information together so the other party sees that you have all required information. You are going to send a letter stating that you reject their original offer and give them concrete reasons why it is being rejected. You will then give your offer, along with a demand letter showing why you deserve this higher amount.

You need to make sure that you respond to the offer in writing and that you make copies of everything you have sent. If they return with a settlement you are okay with, make sure that settlement amount agreed to is also in writing.

For more information, talk to a representative at a legal firm.